[397] Skarlata Ojara 03 05 2017

Al programa d’aquesta setmana hem convidat a Lluís Nutty, que ens ha delectat amb una una sessió 100% rocksteady dedicada als proverbis jamaicans.

– Justin Hines “Drink Milk”
– Wailers “Simmer Down”
– Upsetters “Sipreano”
– Maytones “Billy Goat”
– Winston Shand and the Sheiks “Throw Me Corn”
– Peter Tosh “Maga Dog”
– The Slickers “What You Gonna Do”
– The Tennors “Ride your Donkey”
– The Slickers “Frying Pan”
– The Young Souls “Man a Will”
– The Pioneers “The Mettle”
– The Ethiopians “Everything Crash”
– The Pioneers “Trouble Dey a Bush”
– Kingstonians “Hold Down”
– Toots & the Maytals “Pee Pee Cluck Cluck”
– Jimmy Cliff “The Harder they Come”
– Skatobeat “Trepas”
– Granadians “Los Chicos de Oro”
– The Pioneers “Samfie Man”

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